Circuit House Management System.

The Department desires to implement a comprehensive integrated Web based ‘Circuit House Management System’ application for various request for rooms,food,conference hall, Managing and monitoring of various resources of circuit house like Front Office,Pantry,Inventory,House keeping and accounts.

What is Circuit House Management System?

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Till now, the management of circuit houses has been processing through mails or calls and manual record keeping was a common procedure. But, we have a web application that will automate majority of circuit house operations and will be called as Circuit House Management System(CHMS).

  • This paperless & effortless solution will change the face of circuit house management.


The vision of the project are:

  • Online Tracking of any Circuit House Room booking and its Services at real time
  • Central Database for GAD to track all booking & service requests of all Circuit Houses
  • Central Database for GAD to track all inventory and expenses
  • System integrated with government rules.
  • Totally transparent transaction.
  • Fully Integrated IT System containing all the functions required in a circuit house.
  • SMS and email intimations to stakeholders.